A Brief History

Towards the end of the 19th Century a number of Companies were looking at a way of propelling their buses by traction other than horses and after a number of failed attempts things picked up with the formation of London United Tramways  Co. Ltd which bought up the assets of the West Metropolitan Tramways Company in 1894.
 Under the leadership of James Clifton Robinson progress was fast once a bill was passed in 1894 to allow electric traction. By the turn of the Century electric traction held sway. The next development was to move on to trolleybuses as this removed the cost of maintaining track and an act passed in 1930 made this possible. Trolleybuses gradually took over more routes with the result that the last London tram was withdrawn in July 1952. However, in the end, the trolleybuses could not compete with motor buses and by May 1962 all had been replaced by Routemaster buses. 

As far as collecting goes there are a number of fields including bus items such as destination blinds, type plates and radiator emblems, enamel signs such as timetable header plates, and plenty of paperwork. A few of these items are pictured below. As with underground items there are a large selection of badges to pursue that go right back to the earliest Companies.


  This subject is rather outside the remit of Railwayana Collecting so if you want to pursue it further there are a number of websites covering this subject in much greater detail. If you run such a website I would be happy to put a link here.

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