AUCTION OF RAILWAYANA June 26th - July 2nd 2023

Bidding Instructions & Conditions of Sale  

In order to place a bid you must be Registered with Railwayana Sales Limited.

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 How Bidding works in the Railwayana Sales Auction

   This runs from 9.0am on Monday June 26th - 6.0pm on Saturday July 1st. You can place a bid at any time during this session and can increase this bid at any point until bidding on the Auction ends for new bidders on Saturday 1st July at 6.0pm. Bidding is paused at this point.

At 7.30pm on Saturday all prices will be updated on the website so that you can check the position of Lots that you have bid on. If there have been no bids then these Lots will be marked "Result n/s" and that item has finished. If there was only one bidder the Lot will be marked "Result £xx" with the Price that it was Sold at (if the reserve has been met) - if no price is shown "Result £" then there was only one bidder but the reserve has not been met and we will contact this bidder to see if we can agree a price with the Vendor. If there was more than one bidder then the Lot remains open for FINAL DAY Bids on Sunday. This will be marked "Latest £xx" with the Current leading Price.

We hope that most bidding will have been completed by 6.0pm on Saturday and we encourage bidders to have bid their maximum by this time.  However to stop someone being outbid in the final moments we have given existing bidders only the chance to have two further bids if required after a night to think it over.

2. FINAL DAY Bids 

Please Note. This option is only available to bidders who have placed at least one bid on lots during the preceding six days and only on Lots that you have already bid on. NO NEW BIDDERS ON SUNDAY 2nd.

This starts at 10.0am on Sunday July 2nd and runs until 12.0 noon. Bidding stops until 1.30pm while the site is fully updated with any bids received during this period. YOU MAY PLACE ONE INCREASED BID ON A LOT DURING THIS PERIOD. The site will not be updated during this bidding period.

If no bids are received on a Lot during Bidding Session 2 then the Lot will close and the result will be shown "Result £xx". If you are not the leading Bidder and do not bid you may lose the ability to Bid in Session 3.

If any bids are received during this period (an increase of upper limit by the leading bidder does not count as a new Bid) then the Updated price will be shown at 1.30pm "Latest £xx" and the Lot will remain open for Session 3.

This starts at 1.30pm on Sunday July 2nd and runs until 2.30pm when the Auction finishes. YOU MAY PLACE ONE INCREASED BID ON A LOT DURING THIS PERIOD. The site will not be updated during this period. Final results will be available at 5.0pm.

 Throughout the Auction the website will be updated manually so your bid will not be shown instantly when you place your bid - however you will receive an immediate email notification to confirm that you bid has been received. The site will be regularly updated during Session 1 of the Auction. The FINAL DAY Sunday July 2nd 2023 will only be for existing bidders on each lot using our unique FINAL DAY Bids system. Once you have placed a bid on a Lot (before 6.0pm on Saturday July 1st) you are guaranteed to be able to Bid on the FINAL DAY - Sunday July 2nd 2023 - on that Lot. We have introduced this to prevent new bidders bidding in the final few seconds preventing other clients (often after having bid all week), having time to consider whether to respond. 

Invoices will be emailed out on Tuesday July 4th with payment to be made via Cheque or preferred option Bank Transfer - full details will be on the Invoice.

3. Bidding by Phone
  We prefer all bids to be placed via the internet but we can accept phone bids between 12.00 and 4.00pm throughout Session 1 of the Auction and at any point during Sessions 2 & 3. Any questions regarding the Lots or about how the Bidding system works can also be made by phone. Our numbers are 01306 502044 or 07973 409235. Please Phone us early in the Auction if you have any questions regarding how the bidding works or with reference to any particular Lot.

4. Bidding by Internet
  Bids can be placed 24 hours a day by using the bidding form that is available with the lot description for each item in the catalogue on our web site. Please note that all bids will be acknowledged immediately to confirm receipt - please check that there are no errors
(There is no need to contact us unless there is an error). All bids must be at or above the starting price. Please note that the starting price is not the reserve price for the lot unless stated. If your bid is exactly the same as another bid received on that item  the first of the two equal bids will be the one that is accepted and (in this case only) you will be informed by email that you are losing in an equal bid situation).If two equal top bids are received in Session 3 then the two bidders will be offered the chance to make one further bid if they wish to at the end of the auction. All bids are treated on an up to basis and will be taken at one bidding increment above the leading bid (or at the reserve price if it is higher) and we will then bid on your behalf if other bids are received up to the top of your bid.  The final results for all lots will be on the site at 5.0pm on Sunday July 2nd 2023.

5. Bidding times by Internet
  Bids can be placed 24 hours a day.

6. Bidding Units

£5 - £100



£100 - £500



£500 - £1000






7. Minimum Bids
  At the end of the description of each Lot a Minimum Bid is given. Bids will only be accepted at or above this price. If bids do not match the bidding increments they will be increased to the next increment above on your behalf. The minimum bid is not the reserve price, unless stated so, and should not be taken as a guide as to the likely selling price. If no bids are received then the item may be offered again in the next Auction. Unsold items may be offered after the auction at the reserve price and this will be shown on the website a few days after the auction ends.

8. Results
  Successful bidders will be emailed an Invoice on Tuesday
July 4th. If the item has a Postal Delivery Option this cost will be included on the Invoice. If you wish to collect in person there is no charge for this so you do not need to pay the Postal cost that is added to the Invoice. If you require any other delivery method please ring us once you have received your Invoice & BEFORE YOU PAY. You must contact us by email or phone if you wish to collect in person. Collection from Kidlington will not be available until two weeks after the Auction ends as all the items are currently in Dorking. We will contact you once the items are there - please do not contact us once you have informed us of this choice.

IT REQUIRED PLEASE CALL re the Auction Results between 10.0am and 5.0pm on 07973 409235 or 01306 502044. Please do not call before you have received your Invoice. E mail enquiries are preferred to [email protected]

Delivery Choices are:-



Sent by Royal Mail Signed For service at the price shown on the Lot details.



Sent by Parcelforce 48hr at the price shown on the Lot details.



Sent by Special Delivery (You must ring or email for a quotation when you have received your Invoice).



Sent by a Carrier arranged by you with you paying them directly.



Collected in person from Dorking in Surrey or Kidlington near Oxford.

Final Results for all Lots will  be posted on the Website at 5.0pm on Sunday July 2nd 2023.

  9. Condition of Lots
As most of the lots will be unseen by bidders we produce a good quality image but can produce more pictures and details if you contact us early in the Auction. We offer a full refund if you feel unhappy with any Lot purchased. Please note this only applies to items collected or posted by 18th July 2023 at the latest.

10. Payment
  All successful bidders will be sent an Invoice by email this will include the Postal Charge if available as a delivery option. A Buyers Premium of 15%  will be added to the hammer price. Payment can be made by cheque or Bank Transfer (preferred). Please do not bid unless you want the item and are prepared to pay for it if you win. When making your payment please remove the amount for the postage option if you are collecting in person. Please pay promptly.

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